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[A little Orthodox Humor!]

* 10. You are still in church more than ten minutes after the priest says, “Let us depart in peace.”

* 9. You forget to change your clock in the spring at Daylight Savings Time, show up an hour late, but the service is still going on…

* 8. …but there are people in your community who still can’t get to church on time when the clock gets set back an hour in the fall.

* 7. You consider an hour long church service to be “short.”

* 6. You buy chocolate bunnies on sale (after Western Easter).

* 5. When someone says, “Let us pray…” you reflexively stand up.

* 4. You went to church four or more times in a week.

* 3. Your priest is married…

* 2. …and your vocabulary includes at least three words that describe the wife of a priest.

And the number one sign you might be Orthodox is…

* 1. You say a prayer before you pray.

Copied from: Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church Website


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