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Rainbow bridge

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Magnus dozing on his favorite chair

Magnus Dozes on Favorite Chair

We are having very sad days. Our 17 year old cat is very ill and is dying. Some days he doesn’t even eat or drink anything.  Other days he will lap a little chicken stock. He won’t eat his special food, so I found some Fancy Feast chicken foods that he will eat some of occasionally. He has lost over 1/2 his weight.

But he stills climbs into our laps and purrs. He doesn’t seem to be in pain – just very weak. So we hold him in our laps and pet him very gently. He has a special chair that he likes and can still climb into. That’s where I feed him.

If he becomes painful, we will have him put down, but he seems happy and content at this point.

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful he was at his peak. Pictures don’t do him justice. He obviously is part Burmese. He had the most luxurious coat, which he kept very shiny and neat. He was “talkative” like most of the “Asian” cats, but not as much as a Siamese.

His voice used to be really raucous, but now, he hardly squeaks.

As I type, Magnus is lying in my lap, resting his head against the keyboard and dozing. Perhaps he is slipping away, or perhaps he is simply dozing. However long we have him, we will enjoy him.

Emmy wants to go places!

Emmy Wants to Go Places

Having pets is so bittersweet – they bring such joy and companionship, but we outlive them to our grief. Magnus will cross the Rainbow Bridge soon. Whether it’s Orthodox or not, we hope we will be permitted to see him in God’s Kingdom.

It’s very sad days for us, but Emmy is a great comfort. She is so very loving, and tries to encourage Magnus to be more active – we have to stop her from time to time because her enthusiasm is a bit too much for Magnus to deal with anymore.

So we will soon be bidding Magnus, “Farewell,” and turning to God, each other, and Emmy for comfort. We will have many comforting memories of him.


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Signs You May Be Conservative

[This is a neato blogpost by Playful Walrus.]
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Posted by Playful Walrus on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 3:00:00 PM

For your friends who identify as moderates, independents, or even Democrats who have expressed disappointment with Democrat leadership…

You may be a conservative and not even know it. Do you identify with a majority of the following statements?

  • The Constitution limits the federal government, and should thereby work to prevent government’s intrusion into the lives of citizens.
  • Some responsibilities of government are – and should be – reserved for the President, some for Congress, some for the Supreme Court, some for the states, and some for people to work out by themselves, including by forming voluntary associations.
  • It isn’t the responsibility of the President or the federal government in general to try to solve all problems.
  • Changing something through law or government policy can make things worse.
  • Human rights are God-given or natural, not granted by governments.
  • People should be as free as possible to enjoy the fruits of their own decisions and work.
  • People should generally be free to do what they want with what they own, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of other people.
  • There are real differences between men and women in addition to reproductive organs.
  • Both masculinity and femininity have value and contribute positively to society.
  • Parents should be responsible for and have authority over their own minor children, only overridden by government intrusion when they demonstrate they are neglectful or otherwise abusive parents.
  • Unless one of them is abusive, it is best that children are raised with both their mother and father who are married to each other.
  • It is better that a baby be born and adopted by such a family than for the baby’s mother to have an abortion.
  • If someone who practices a religion you don’t says they do or will pray for you, you respond with “thank you”, not negativity or hostility.
  • People should be treated differently by government based on what they do, not their skin color, ethnicity, beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  • Since immigrants choose to come here, they need to adapt enough to live by our laws and policies; we’re under no obligation to change to accommodate their traditions.
  • Our nation should defend itself with force, which will sometimes involve killing people and breaking things in other countries.

If you identify with these, or a majority of them, you just may be a conservative. So will you vote accordingly with your wallet, your time, your words, and your actual votes?

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