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A quiet day, but some personal excitement. I located an old friend from my Master’s program that I hadn’t seen since 1972!! We had done several similar things, but had taken some very different paths.

I blogged about our intrinsic separation from others, even those to whom we are closest. Yes, separation, but that very separation is what drives us to continually reach out to others.

Why else would people send crazy, and sometimes offensive (to us), e-mails? Because they are reaching out as best they can. Back in my Master’s program I was first introduced to the nursing theory of Ernestine Wiedenbach. One of the things she said was that everyone is operating out of his best judgment at any one time. Does that say something about our judgment (or lack thereof)? Yes, but it’s something to take into consideration when dealing with other people. If they offend us, it usually is NOT because they are trying to offend us or hurt us. They are reaching out – however awkwardly or inappropriately.

At any rate, I reached out, in hopes that I would get a response – and she responded! It makes me warm all over – and a little less lonely!


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