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There is some other set of so-called “morals” that is taking over our country. This set of “morals” is being taught to our children in school. To **children** in K-6 and 7-12. It is being taught through assigned reading matter and conferences. Both modalities teach how to have sex – much of the material relates to gay sex and sex between adults and minors.

I’m not easily shocked, but I was angered, shocked and dismayed when I delved deeper into this morass of filth.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit, Big Government, and Michelle Malkin for breaking this story.

Folks, we have a lot of work to do to save our children and our country. As a tax-paying citizen, I plan to inspect the school libraries in my district and if ANY of the reading list books are on the shelves, I shall be talking – loudly – to the press.

I don’t believe in book burning, nor do I believe in suppressing books. I do, however, believe there is age appropriateness. Some books are not for children under 12, others are not for children under 18, and still others are inappropriate for anyone under 21. There is nothing wrong with keeping books with explicit sexual content out of the hands of minors. Our children are sexualized all too soon as it is. These books are designed to make sex, particularly gay sex, acceptable to children, to pique their curiosity, and to encourage sexual experimentation.

Brace yourself, and take a trip through the twisted aisles of the GLSEN “library.”

The Not-Safe-for-School Reading List

Kevin Jennings Conference on “Fisting” for High School Kids

GLSEN’s Book List for K-6

{Scroll down for the long list of books.}

GLSEN’s Book List for Grades 7-12

{Scroll down for the long list of books.}

Who Funds GLSEN? You won’t believe some of the organizations!

GLSEN Passes Out Gay Bar Guides to Teens

Excerpts from GLSEN Recommended Books for Teens Part I

Excerpts from GLSEN Recommended Books for Teens Part II

{You may not be able to tolerate reading these excerpts. They are incredibly filthy and explicit! But consider, these are the books your children and grandchildren will be presented with at your local school if our “Safe” Schools “CZAR” has his way!}

There are lots of links on each of the pages I have references here. You might want to explore some of them.

Why do I reference Blogs? Because the mainstream media is not publicizing this. Go to the source – GLSEN’s website. See the books listed. Check out the videos referenced on the Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit websites. You will be further disgusted.


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