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Found a Turtle!

Turtles in the Wrong Pond

Turtles in the Wrong Pond

The “Riggs Turtle Rescue and Placement Services” went into action last week! It had been a loooong time since the last time I rescued a little turtle – actually it wasn’t so little – it was an alligator-snapper the size of a dinner plate!

Anyhoo, I was driving to the grocery, and taking a little shortcut that I enjoy, when I realized that little lump in the road ahead of me was NOT a rock, it was a box turtle! Couldn’t swerve around it, so I made sure I “straddled” it. I turned at the next street and came back – just in time to see a car hit it a glancing blow that sent it bouncing off the road! Lord, have mercy on Thy little turtle!

I turned around again and came up alongside it, got out, and managed to lean over and pick it up. It was scrunched up inside it’s shell, and it withdrew even further when I stroked it’s back feet, so I knew it was alive and still reacting.

It stayed in the car while I did the grocery-shopping with Emmy. I parked in the shade, it wasn’t a very warm day, and I left the windows cracked. It didn’t get much over 79 in the car according to the thermometer, so that was ok. When we got back, Mr/Ms Turtle was looking around and wondering what had happened!

When we got home, I put Mr/Ms Turtle in the backyard, and left him/her alone. He/she stayed in place and just looked around for a couple of hours. Next day, he/she was gone! Probably went under the raised patio, and is starting to hibernate under there for the winter. It is unusually cool here this year, so I’m looking forward to Mr/Ms Turtle staying around at least until warm weather next Spring.

I love turtles. That’s why I took the moniker “turtlemom” for my ID on several fora and here for some of my WordPress URLs.


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New Meme Discovery!

Unconscious Mutterings is a new meme I’ve discovered. Looks good – at least this week!

  • Omelette :: Cheese and Asparagus (fresh, only, please!)
  • Classic :: French Cooking
  • Thrifty :: Noodle soup
  • Search :: Google
  • Fan :: of Katherine Hepburn
  • Fussy :: about grammar
  • I am not :: stupid
  • Indulge :: chocolate
  • Poor :: young lady killed at Yale
  • Manicure :: no – pedicure – maybe today!

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Monday Meme

What’s one new thing you tried this summer than you’ve never done before?


What is the one thing you miss the most about summer when it is over?

The warm weather – when it isn’t too humid!

If you could eliminate one source of anger in your life right now, what would it be?

The crazy political situation we are having to endure, and the possibility of losing the America we were given by the Founding Fathers.

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