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Highly Recommended!!

The Blog that Ate Manahattan

Has the original “Who’s on First” here!!!



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Highly Recommended! Can’t believe CBS did this!

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Hey, y’all! Guess what I found! You know how I’m always looking for something to get me / keep me organized? Well, I’ve found a little help along those lines: AZZ Cardfile. It’s really neat! It’s a little “freestyle” database, very basic, but it’s exactly what most people need for most of their simple applications – who wants to get into a huge database program just to find some classnotes? It can also be used as an Index to your whole computer – telling you where you need to look to find specific files!

They have a free download and free use (nagware), but I’m for buying it. So far, I’ve put most of my favorite prayers in a file, Excerpts from “These Truths We Hold” in another, and favorite “Prayers from the Lake” in a third. A fourth has Troparia and Kontakia for Great Lent and Paschaltide. Then, I put some of the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s recipes in another file – easier and quicker to pull up than our recipe program which is getting bloated. I could go on and on and on!

I know where each of the files is located – in one (one) directory! So I can always find what I’m looking for – amazing!

I’m going to keep lists of my blog posts in one so I can find what I have already written about. Also, the list of Cues for Emmy so I don’t forget to practice them!

Did I mention you can put URLs in it and the program “automagically” makes them “clickable?” Without having to write all that linking code.

Another nice thing is, that they provide some initial files to get you started – sort of give you some ideas as to where you might like to go with it.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

AZZ Cardfile – try it and see what you think!

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Today is a big news day. Protests against Obama receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame. Obama backtracking about releasing photos of interrogations abroad. Obama talking about the need of the govt to spend less and save more. Pelosi accusing the CIA of lying to her and the CIA director, Dave Pannetta accusing Pelosi of lying about what really went on.

On top of that, today is Armed Forces Day. Does anyone remember – or even know – what that is all about?

Me? I’m observing all this. The Ol’ Curmudgeon talks back to the TV, grousing and complaining as if each objectionable story is aimed directly at him. I observe – the stories and him. When it gets to be too much for him, we switch over to watching DVDs. Currently we are watching Deep Space 9. Netflix has the entire series – or at least all those out as yet.

Does anyone remember the movie Mondo Cane? “The world is going to the dogs,” was the theoretic subtitle.

Well, maybe it is. Maybe it’s the End Times. Maybe it’s just another blip on the screen of life.

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Saturday 9: With a Little Help From My Friends

1. How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years?

Probably in excess of 12

2. Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now?

I don’t think I will be around in 10 years, but if so, the same number

3. It’s Friday evening and you’re planning your weekend. What’s on your agenda?

Spending time with the Ol’ Curmudgeon; grooming Emmy, if it’s an “event weekend,” spending some quality time with my Bodacious Babes. Maybe a visit with children and grandchildren.

4. What was the most recent movie to scare you or give you the creeps?

I don’t like watching scary or creepy movies. Can’t deal with that kind of adrenaline “rush.” So, it’s been over 40 years!

5. Finally, the new cast and movie of Star Trek are out. Excited or indifferent?

Looking forward to it coming out on DVD or Blue Wave. We don’t go to theaters – cost and difficult sitting in those seats.

6. Do you have any nervous habits?

I used to bite my fingernails, but now I pick my cuticles. Awful, I know, but there it is!

7. Do you swear in general?

Sadly, I sometimes do. I wouldn’t say it is “in general,” however. I do say S— and C— a good bit, though.

8. Do you swear on your blog?

I don’t remember doing that.

9. Does it bother you when you read a post with curse words?

Actually, it does. That’s one of the reasons I try not to use them myself.

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Friday Fiver [Meme]

1. Last party you went to?

Shall we count Christmas get-togethers??

2. Do you pee in the shower?


3. Have you ever fired a gun?

Yeppers – and it’s FUN! I can take out targets like crazy! It’s better’n playing darts.

4. Where do you call home?

Wherever I live with my family. Currently a medium town in the great state of GA!

5. What’s your favorite board game?

Trivial Pursuit – the old game. But I don’t get to play it much anymore.

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