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I love Fred Thompson, he tells it like it is!


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From Glen Beck’s Jan 20, 2008 program.


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I am sooooo tired of hearing that holding any conservative values and beliefs are “right wing extremism” I could just puke!

Big Dog posted a lovely blog post yesterday about it:

Big Dog House: I am a Right Wing Extremist

I replied on his website, but I’ll post my reply here:

I, too, am a right wing extremist!

I think the best president we have had in my lifetime is Ronald Reagan.

I regret not being politically active when I was younger so that this would not be happening to my children and grandchildren.

I tell them to be very active on the local level, and the chances are good that the attitudes and policies will “trickle up” through state and federal government.

I just hope they will be able to “take back” our country from the bone-headed liberal bureaucrats.

In the meantime, we will work with our local govt and representatives to improve things here. And support the conservative parties (none of which express all our values) and hope they will provide a buffer between us, our family and the extremes.

God help us all!

I believe that. I agree with every point in Big Dog’s post. Further, I do NOT think the “US of Govt” has the “people-given” right to impose onerous taxes on the citizens, to confiscate their arms, or to take-over the press either through political influence or monetary / in-kind bribes thus leading them to report those items supportive of government and to the detriment of the people.

I believe people have the “right” and the “opportunity” both to succeed and to fail – based on their own decisions. I am not a millionaire – based on my own decisions. I am in a very precarious position, financially – based on my own decisions. Had I made different decisions, I either would be a street person or a millionaire. I could have made better decisions – or worse decisions. But those decisions were MINE – not dictated by the government. I will not blame anyone else for this.

I believe every person should have equal opportunity to succeed or fail based on their own choices, decisions, education, merits or demerits.

I don’t believe our government has the “right” to decide to support non-productive people. This is what we have charities for.

At this point, I think we, the people, need to rescind the federal government’s power to tax us and to reduce the economy to ashes. I don’t care if it’s a flat-tax or the fair-tax at this point. But the onerous burden of taxes needs to be lifted and the suppression of our rights as free-citizens needs to be restored – or taken back.

Good Grief! Thomas Jefferson is not just rolling, but spinning, in his grave!

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