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Day 2

Went to grocery. That in itself was enough exercise. My back was screaming by the time I got home, and put groceries away. Thank God for grandsons. The 14 year old from next door came over and quickly got the groceries unloaded from the car and put away with no fuss, muss or mess! I took some time to arrange some roses I picked up from the sale basket. Three large bunches for $6! Post Mother’s Day sale. I told the Ol’ Curmudgeon they were from him.

Now I’m sitting here enjoying the scent and sight of the roses and resting.

New aspects of diet: V-8, 8 oz once or twice a day, depending on the vegetables I do or don’t eat at dinner! Also, green tea – plain, made each morning while I’m making coffee. Two to four cups a day.

That’s all I’m going to commit to for now. No other changes. The added fluids will help me, and the added exercise will help. Now it’s just a waiting game to see how long it will take to see any changes.


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OK – I admit it – 240#

In short, well-spaced intervals I:

Got out the vacuum hose

vacuumed the hall edges with the edge tool (the cat hair does migrate there)

took a long break because my hips and back were hurting

after lunch I vacuumed the hall in two well-spaced, short sessions

I took 3 slow turns walking around the parking area in the driveway (this area will park 3 boats! – it’s large)

May not sound like much, but I have to start somewhere. This is much more than I have been doing, and is much more than the equivalent of the exercises I was doing in the swimming pool.

Mustn’t try to do too much, however, because my back is very tired and painful today, already. We’ll see what Friday brings. I won’t see the results for 2 days. That’s the way fibromyalgia works. And it isn’t just pain involved – there is serious fatigue. So I will have to balance increased exercise with the fatigue levels. This is the problem with fibromyalgia: workout, pay for it big time 2-3 days later. And we may not be able to relate the fatigue to the effort.

Well, keeping this record may help me relate the effort and the fatigue.

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